If music be the food of love, does that make Earl Okin the top chef at The Ritz?

The headliner at Edinburgh's most punctual venue knows how to turn you on with those sultry looks and subtle Blues lyrics, but there's more to the man than just his unrivalled sexual allure and musical virtuosity.

He's an intellectuasl, (notice the glasses), and top rate musicologist, (hence his hilarious savaging of that most original of English composers, Sir Andrew Lloyd-Webber).

The maestro's incredible attraction is only heightened by the urbanity of his casual mastery of things historical, (the Germans and French, he tells us, are great friends, going back to 1870, akways 'visiting each other's countries' and political (he's a Socialist, that's why he sings the most famous late-night drunk's song from the barman's perspective).

If the seductively sexy My Room or the entirely earnest Mango (he'd never employ the crude food/sex innuendoes of lesser musicians) haven't gopt you weak at the knees, then you'll find it impossible to resist Okin's mean lip trumpet.


Unfortunately, not all his fans were able to get in, but had to find ANY way of getting to see him perform...

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